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Just like 911 we respond 24/7

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"You get the most thorough carpet cleaning ever or it's free!"

 Althouse Restore was the first to make this risk free carpet cleaning guarantee in El Paso. There are many imitators, some of them using this guarantee word for word , but don't be fooled. Althouse Restore has delivered the finest carpet cleaning service in El Paso since 1988. And we offer free estimates!

Our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and advanced IICRC certified technicians guarantee that your results will impress everyone who sees your carpet. We will "steam clean" your carpet using the hot water extraction method recommended by the manufacturer. You'll love to show it off to your friends and neighbors. Dare them to walk on it barefoot and fully enjoy its new found softness

Your family will be able to work and play in a much healthier environment. And your carpet will last years longer.  

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Like 911 we respond 24/7 to water damage emergencies

When you need help, you need it as quickly as possible. That's why  Althouse Restore IICRC certified technicians are ready 24 hours a day every day of the year! They can efficiently extract water from your carpet and floor with high powered vacuum units mounted on our trucks. We are the only company in the area that can boast of six employees that are trained in IICRC accredited schools for certification in both Water Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying. Althouse Restore knows the importance of doing the job right, and has the massive amounts of drying equipment and IICRC certified technicians to give you your best result.

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Fire and Smoke Damage 

When a fire ravages your home, it destroys your building, your possessions and your peace of mind. Althouse Restore has five IICRC certified Smoke and Fire technicians to clean your home from ceiling to floor and permanently remove smoke odor.

Your salvageable possessions will be documented, cleaned, deoderized and stored until you are ready for them. Smoke damaged statue and collector plate. Cleaned statue and plate

Before and after. Many items that look hopeless can be restored to their previous condition before fire and smoke damaged them. these items were meticulously cleaned with small bushes and an ecologically friendly cleaning solution.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Althouse Restore can make your tile look like new again by using 200°F water temperatures, high pressure, and special cleaning tools and solutions. Remember the thrill and the beauty of your new floor when you first laid eyes on it? You can have that thrill back again! In most cases your grout will return to its original color. After it's cleaned, why not ask Althouse  technicians to seal your grout lines so they will retain their new appearance for years to come.


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Upholstery Cleaning


Your kids live, eat, play and watch TV on your upholstery. You relax and rest your head against the back of your sofa and favorite chair. Over time, your upholstery collects spills and soil, and begins to look dull. Pets and air pollution take their toll (especially in El Paso where it is dusty and often polluted).


Althouse Restore can brighten, refresh and enliven your sofa, love seat, and chairs with deep-down professional cleaning. The technician will clean the front, back, sides, arms, underneath the cushions (when possible) and all sides of the cushions. Althouse technicians expertly clean wool, silk, leather, cotton, synthetics and other fabrics.

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Vents and Ducts

Do you or a family member start sneezing whenever the heater or air conditioner begins to blow? Do you notice more dust around the vents or nearby table tops? Let Althouse Restore technicians clean your vents and ductwork. They will remove pollen, dust, and the particulate matter that the EPA says causes allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

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Like 911, we respond 24/7 for emergency water extraction


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The IICRC has certified Althouse technicians in the following specialties:

Water Damage Restoration,

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration,

 Applied Structural Drying (ASD),

Carpet Cleaning,

Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning,

 Odor Control, 

 Carpet Repair &   Reinstallation,

Senior Practicing Flooring Inspector

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